Connect Power BI with MySQL Database

In this tutorial, it elaborates, how to connect MySQL Database source with Power BI tool. As a prerequisite, you have to install MySQL and Power BI in your local machine. 

Step 1: Open Power BI goto Get Data --> More Select MySQL database

Once you click connect, you might get the following error,

"The connector requires one or more additional components to be installed before it can be used."

In this Case - Click Learn More link and it will direct to MySQL connector for the .net page:
Install this and restart the computer

Step 2: Now once you press connect in Power BI, it will prompt following to connect to MySQL

Step 3: Type MySQL server as 'localhost' and your database schema, in my case, it is 'geekdecorders' as in the following image (this images taken from MySQL workbench)

Step 4: Load the MySQL table in Power BI

Step 5: As you can see in the field section, MySQL table columns appeared.

Step 6: Now drag and drop the columns to the Power BI worksheet.

Now you try adding/editing the data in MySQL and see how it changes. 


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  2. Make sure you install the .NET libraries. The first time, I only installed ODBC and MySQL for Excel but the error didn't go away.


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